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Body positivity is not one-size-fits-all

Body positivity is not one-size-fits-all

Asia Thomas, Staff Columnist March 23, 2022

It’s 80 degrees in March, and schools around the country are beginning spring break season. Daily beach photos flood Instagram feeds, and it can be difficult to fight the urge to compare oneself...

Fashion forecast: the reign of Tiktok

Fashion forecast: the reign of Tiktok

Faith McLean, Staff Writer March 23, 2022

Say goodbye to the editorial aristocrats of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, the self-elected leaders of previous generations’ fashion trends. This monarchy has been overthrown by the up-and-coming fashion...

Repulsive finds from spring 2022 trend cycle

Repulsive finds from spring 2022 trend cycle

Holly Haney, Arcade Editor March 16, 2022

Originally, this article was going to be a simple spring trend report. Nothing controversial. But before anything, I am, at my core, a hater. Unfortunately, in my research for this article, I found a lot...

Plus-size clothes, plus-size world

Plus-size clothes, plus-size world

Maiya Tate, Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2022

As a fat girl who wore a mandatory school uniform for all of her life until college, the world of fashion was very much a daunting idea to me. I usually stuck to leggings and T-shirts that my mom bought...

‘Euphoria’-famed fever dream life, clothes are no dream during Mardi Gras

‘Euphoria’-famed fever dream life, clothes are no dream during Mardi Gras

Faith McLean, Staff Columnist February 21, 2022

Dare I say, HBO’s coincidental timing for its season two drop of the popular show, just a month before parades begin rolling again, is going to be the most-pinned aesthetic on everybody’s Mardi Gras...

Fashion Graphic

Fashion Forecast: NOLA winter what-to-wear

Faith McLean, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

As hurricane season comes to an end, Tulane students should not be fooled into thinking Louisiana’s unpredictable, crazy weather is over. In fact, Tulane students should begin to prepare their closets...

Russel Westbrook demonstrating why he is known as the NBA star with the wildest wardrobe.

Which athlete should you model your pregame fit after?

Bella Baff and Ezra Weber September 16, 2020

Pause. Look in the mirror. It’s time for an outfit check. What are you rockin’? When you woke up this morning, which outfit, which pair of shoes made you say, “Damn! That’s it”?  You’re...

Adelaide Basco | Art Director

Student Style: Spring fever with Lyskota Mensah

Alex Calloway, Staff Reporter April 17, 2019

With finals fast approaching and a rainy winter in the rearview mirror, Tulanians are eager to break out their warmer-weather wardrobes. After such a dreary beginning to the semester, however, some...

Elana Bush | Photography Editor

Africana fashion: serving looks, untold history and resistance

Hugo Fajardo, Intersections Editor April 10, 2019

“My personal motto is: ‘You look good, you feel good, you do good,’” senior Abi Mbaye said. “Fashion is a way for me to empower myself. It is a way for me to take up space and be seen in the...

Normcore fashion makes dressing like you don’t care incredibly difficult

Normcore fashion makes dressing like you don’t care incredibly difficult

Adelaide Basco, Staff Writer November 14, 2018

Looking like you don’t care is an art form. Perfectly-mussed hair, no-makeup makeup and painstakingly-scuffed boots – all of these are hallmarks of the idea that to look our best. We must look...

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Your Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Hannah Erbrick, Arcade Editor October 25, 2018

So you waited a little too long to get your Halloween costumes together, and now you’re stuck a few days before Halloween with nothing to wear. Luckily, Tulane students are just a short walk or Uber...

Tulane students circa 1994

Haute couture Tulane: student fashion through the decades

Cori Shalit, Contributing Reporter October 3, 2018

Trends in fashion have always been a reflection of the cultural values and events of a certain time period. Tulane University was founded in 1834, and its fashion has been constantly changing ever since....

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