Let’s use fall break as an opportunity to refresh and quit whining


Naomi Smith | Staff Artist

Josh Axelrod, Views Editor

If you’re reading this article, take a deep breath. Okay, now take another one.

Fall break is upon us. Two months into a tumultuous semester, the Tulane community now faces ample opportunity to relax, refresh and reset.

In many ways, the fall semester has brought about irritation and upheaval, resulting in a lot of communal bellyaching. But there is much to think positively about.

First the gripes:

The administration announced that when May rolls around, seniors will be welcoming their family members to the sweltering confines of Yulman Stadium instead of the prophesied Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Students and parents quickly took to social media, channeling a never-before-seen activist spirit to organize against this change and circulate a petition.

fall break
Nearly 1,000 people have signed an online petition to change the location of this year’s commencement.

Every semester, it seems that midterms come sooner and sooner. Howard-Tilton Memorial Library transforms from the tertiary PJ’s location to rise-at-the-crack-of-dawn-for-a-booth real estate. Students walk around on campus anxiously, brows furrowed and sweat dripping.

Though, the sweat may be mostly due to the Armageddon-level weather. Air conditioners sigh with exasperation. Thermostats stop showing numbers, instead simply displaying the word “HELL.”

Now for the good:

A new building lines our campus horizon. For some, it represents a beacon for better grub, but for others it’s a sour reminder of the disadvantages of the off-campus life. Underclassmen: with fall break marking the beginning of Thanksgiving season, take some time being grateful that you’ll never understand what the phrase “Bruff rubber chicken” means. Upperclassmen: use your week off to comb through Facebook and club rosters to find some freshmen to swipe you in to the Commons.

For the first time since the ‘90s, our football team is on the verge of breaking into the nation’s top 25 teams. The last time the Green Wave earned a superlative it was for “best team that plays in Yulman Stadium,” narrowly beating out the Jesuit High School Blue Jays.

Much excitement lies ahead. Festival season is underway. Homecoming awaits. The Mardi Gras countdown ticks on. 

For students visiting home, enjoy time with family and avoid high school exes. For those who stay on campus, spend some time exploring the city and cross off an item on your New Orleans bucket list. For Jewish students celebrating Yom Kippur, have a meaningful fast — G’mar chatima tovah.

Let’s make fall break a time to refocus on the positive and cast away the negative. Good things are in store — we might need to practice saying, “Tulane national champions” — so take these days off to unwind, temper your whining and start feeling thankful for what will surely be a great rest of the semester.

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