Tulane’s bowling team strikes gold

Ben Friedman, Contributing Reporter

The Tulane women’s bowling team is currently ranked No. 14 in the NCAA. Last year, the team finished with a record of 66-56. That’s 26-20 in Baker competitions and 32-18 in the traditional team format matches, for a 54% winning percentage.

This year’s team consists of freshmen Jenica Baron, Kylie Frick and Amelia Vasquez,  sophomores Crystal Singh and Veronica Petrinec, junior Madison McCall and senior Isabelle Lee.

Coming back for her ninth year is head coach Hayley Veitch, who expressed particular excitement for the upcoming season. 

“The team has had the best work ethic that I’ve ever seen in the nine years that I’ve been here,”  Veitch said in a Tulane Athletic story. “They really work hard and hold each other up in practice. They don’t clock watch, they just keep going until practice is over and they want more. Something that champions always desire to have is more time.”

Highlights from last season include the Green Wave’s performance at the Hawk Classic. The team took third place out of 17 teams, with nine wins and four losses. McCall had a particularly impressive performance at this tournament, placing 11th after knocking down 1,045 pins, just two pins away from finishing in the top 10.

The Music City Classic was the site of another impressive tournament performance last year.  Though Tulane started slow that Friday, the team rebounded and went 6-3 over the next two days. During this tournament, the team had one of its highest scoring games of the year against Saint Francis College, coming out ahead by a score of 1,118 to 968. 

At its first tournament of the 2019-20 season this weekend, the Green Wave placed seventh out of 16 teams, tallying eight wins and five losses. Vasquez had a particularly strong performance, placing No. 24 overall.  

For its next tournament, the team will travel to Houston for the Track Kat Klash Nov. 1-3.

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