Drink Beauty: New Orleans’ trendiest coffee experience

Olivia Zorrilla, Contributing Writer

If you’ve ever wanted to see your face printed onto a perfectly steamed matcha latte, then Magazine Street now has just the place. Drink Beauty NOLA, a hybrid coffee and beauty bar opened in Uptown New Orleans in August 2019, bringing impeccable trendiness to life in the form of both matcha and makeup. 

It is not often that one finds a matcha-focused establishment in the city of New Orleans. The Drink Beauty menu features the traditional Japanese beverage as well as a number of other unique wellness-focused ingredients. Specialty drinks include The Day Dream (butterfly pea powder and violet syrup), the Inner Peace Matcha (matcha powder, SG vanilla syrup, and Inner peace cbd oil) and, of course, The DRINK

drink beauty nola
Olivia Zorrilla | Contributing Photographer

beauty (beet root powder, rose powder, and rose syrup). 

Not only are Drink Beauty’s drinks trendy in composition, but you can also opt to print any image you’d like on top of your beverage for no additional charge. All it takes is a quick download of the free app Ripple, and you can upload a photo of your choice and send it to the machine behind Drink Beauty’s coffee bar.

“I printed an actual picture of my dog onto my coffee,” Tulane student and Drink Beauty fan Charlotte Racky said. “It was so adorable.”

It is clear that everything within Drink Beauty NOLA is designed with “Instagrammability” in mind. Walking into the store feels like stepping into a millennial marketing dream, complete with all-pink walls and furniture, and merchandise for sale featuring trendy and often feminist catch phrases or images. Still Woozy plays at a low volume as customers browse beauty products, drink their coffee, or even get an in-store makeover. 

As finals season approaches, head over to Drink Beauty NOLA to get your daily caffeine fix in the most beautiful way imaginable. You can follow them on Instagram @drinkbeauty_nola to see and read about their new seasonal drinks, or go to 3424 Magazine St. for the full Drink Beauty experience. 

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