Surf Curse bewitches crowd at One Eyed Jacks

Haley Soares, Arcade Editor

surf curse
Avery Anderson | Senior Staff Photographer
Surf Curse brings indie rock charm to One Eyed Jacks

The legendary New Orleans music venue One Eyed Jacks hosted indie surf rock band Surf Curse Tuesday, Jan. 21, attracting crowds of fans eager to escape the chilly Louisiana night. Thankfully, the show was filled with no shortage of dancing or moshing, keeping the audience warm and grooving through the night.

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, the band has a distinctly west coast sound, mainly playing indie rock with a surf punk twist. Surf Curse has been releasing music since 2013, striking gold early in its career with songs such as “Freaks” and “I’m Not Making Out With You.” 

This stop on the tour was supported by local band, Lawn. The New Orleans natives performed a set of fun indie rock, setting the stage for a night of entertainment that would not disappoint. 

Surf Curse took the stage around 10 p.m., and folks of all ages excited to see the band perform packed the intimate venue to the brim. The set was geared to please, playing hits from across its entire discography — from its earliest EP to their 2019 album “Heaven Surrounds You.” 

On top of the incredibly personal setting, the show was made incredibly interactive, with the band pausing frequently to speak to the crowd and crack jokes. At one point, the band began to play “Free Bird” in a fit of hysterical laughter before continuing on with their set. 

During the final leg of the set, the band members swapped instruments, letting the drummer and lead singer, Nick Rattigan, take the mic. Their incredibly popular and high energy song “Disco” from their latest album, sent fans into a frenzy. In a moment of shared ecstasy, Rattigan hopped off stage and danced in the middle of the crowd with dozens of thrilled audience members.

It didn’t take much convincing for the band to reappear on stage for the encore, ending the night with its fan favorite “Forever Dumb” from their 2013 EP “Sad Boys.” The audience rode the high of the show back into the streets of New Orleans, the joy of an unforgettable concert numbing them to the biting January frost that awaited them.

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