Which athlete should you model your pregame fit after?

Bella Baff and Ezra Weber

Pause. Look in the mirror. It’s time for an outfit check. What are you rockin’? When you woke up this morning, which outfit, which pair of shoes made you say, “Damn! That’s it”? 

You’re walking down Broadway or McAlister on the way to class. You’ve probably got something in your ear hyping you up. Is it bumping rap or sensuous rock? Maybe it’s some smooth jazz or soulful blues. Because, what is class if not a game, and what is the walk there if not your pre-game fashion runway? And if you follow my train of thought then you must be wondering, what does this make you? That’s right: the super star athlete, the fashion icon. You are LeBron James, Fitzmagic, or Bryce Harper. 

But, wait. Which one are you? With players pulling up to their games in ever wackier, icier, wavier fits it becomes harder and harder to imagine whose style you match up with the best. That’s where we come into play.

The Tulane Hullabaloo has compiled an all-encompassing questionnaire to help you decide which pro athlete you should model your pre-game (or pre-class) fit after. 

1. What is your pregame ritual?

          A: Planning my postgame fit

          B: Pull-ups on the rim

          C: A sacrificial lamb

          D: Flossing my teeth carefully

          E: Take a nap

2. How would you describe your love life?

          A: I’m celibate. No time for distractions

          B: Happily one half of a power couple

          C: I met my current partner on Tinder

          D: I would prefer to keep it private

          E: Happily dating another athlete

3. What is your favorite food?

          A: Anything vegan

          B: Turkey burgers

          C: Barbecue 

          D: Fries and a milkshake

          E: Peanut butter and jelly

4. How are you with interviews?

          A: I just smile and wave

          B: I enjoy them and try to be as candid yet professional as possible

          C: My fur coat is so puffy that I can’t hear the questions

          D: I always keep it real and am not afraid to show shade when needed

          E: I hate them and answer as briefly (sometimes rudely) as possible

5. How would you describe your play style?

          A: I can launch dimes and blow right by you on a scramble

          B: I can play well with anyone and fit any role my team needs

          C: I’m going to go up and get it and don’t try to stop me

          D: I play fast and score high

          E: You could say I have a score-first mentality

6. Are you generally well-liked?

          A: Yes and how could I not be with such a precious smile?

          B: Everyone loves me 

          C: Yea, I do it for the kids

          D: I am very likable

          E: Only by my friends

7. What brand would you most like to sponsor?

          A: Big Big Hats

          B: Gatorade

          C: Sleep Number

          D: Nike

          E: Jordans

8. How would your friends describe your style?

          A: Big Big Hats

          B: Clean and sophisticated

          C: Whatever it is, I can pull it off

          D: Bold and colorful

          E: Crazy and nontraditional

9. What do you like to listen to before a game?

          A: Funk, Man

          B: Jay-Z

          C: 50-Cent

          D: Migos

          E: Taylor Swift

10. What is your lucky number?

          A: 1

          B: 3

          C: 87

          D: 11

          E: 0

If you answered mostly As, your pregame style icon is Cam Newton!

Hit up your local hat store and make sure to brush your teeth. The New England Patriots’ new quarterback is known not only for his flashy play but also his even flashier style. Cam Newton’s pearly whites are the best compliment to any and all of his iconic outfits. And of course, how could you forget his hats? What does he hide under there?

If you answered mostly Bs, your pregame style icon is Dwyane Wade!

Now retired after a 16-year career in the NBA, three-time champion Dwyane Wade is passionate about high fashion and building his personal style legacy. Like Wade, you know good style and strive to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends, especially those of the world’s fashion capital: Paris, France. Still, with the great variety of outfits you’ve tried out, there have definitely been some flops and your family and friends make sure you don’t forget them.

If you answered mostly Cs, your pregame style icon is Travis Kelce!

Just like Trav, you are a fashion killa. On and off the field, you are a one of a kind icon with a flair for nice beards and buzz cuts. Hopefully you aren’t vegan because Kelce is known for rocking some nice fur coats when the weather gets chilly.

If you answered mostly Ds, your pregame style icon is Diamond Deshields!

2019 WNBA All-Star Diamond Deshields is considered one of the league’s biggest style icons. Known for her flashy on-court goggles and sneaker collection, the Chicago Sky’s leading scorer has been spotted sporting anything from trendy fanny packs to scorpion-decorated basketball shorts. Like Deshields, you appreciate fashion and art and are known for your incredible potential, both on-court and in the fashion world.

If you answered mostly Es, your pregame style icon is Russel Westbrook!

2017 MVP Russel Westbrook is equally infamous among NBA fans for his basketball skills as he is for his powerful personality and nontraditional style. Like Westbrook, you have a seemingly never-ending lookbook with outfits that range from bold to plain bizarre. You may experience unfair criticism for your wild fashion taste but tend to ignore the hate because you see your style as your way of expressing yourself.

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