TUCP hosts Cody Ko for Q&A

Czars Trinidad, Senior Staff Reporter

cody ko and lucy sartor
Czars Trinidad

On Thursday, April 1 — widely known as April Fools’ day — Tulane University Campus Programming hosted a Q&A with comedian, performer and internet sensation Cody Ko.

Seated in the same setup as his YouTube videos, Ko was introduced to the virtual attendees by TUCP’s moderator for the night, Lucy Sartor. There was also a barrage of Zoom comments greeting him, with some incorporating phrases he’s said himself such as “HAIR IS FRICTIONLESS” and “MR STRUGGLE HIMSELF.”

As the host asked Ko personal questions about his life and career, his well-known, quick-witted humor found moments to interweave itself into his personal and honest responses. Many of the questions asked by Sartor dealt with his video content.

When asked how he came up with video ideas earlier in his career Ko said, “I used to watch hours and hours of YouTube.” 

With over 5 million subscribers on his primary YouTube channel, it’s clear that Ko’s dedication to creation continues to pay off. He was also asked about his most popular series, “That’s Cringe,” to which he said he has laid off for the meantime in order to find new content to create.

Regarding Ko’s feelings towards his past videos, he said that “anything older than a year” he finds cringey. Sartor, assuaging the comedian, said “We’re all just rough drafts of our higher selves,” to which Ko complimented her on. 

Sartor switched gears and began to ask Ko about his comedic and musical work with Noel Miller. Sartor asked Ko about his performance two Octobers ago, when Miller and Ko, also known collectively as Tiny Meat Gang, performed at the Fillmore theater on Oct. 25, 2019.

Ko, recalling his short but sweet time in New Orleans, brought up how he and Miller picked up hand grenades which he described as tasting “like cancer.” Looking back at the time in a COVID-19 free world, the performer recollected his fond memory of eating beignets, describing them as “my favorite thing in the entire world.” 

Sartor also asked if Ko has felt like his and Miller’s musical style has evolved. Ko said that he believes it has and that it was a “conscious choice.” As the duo progressed to making music more seriously, they were signed by Arista Records. He let the virtual viewers know to expect something new from the duo later this month, hinting at a potential song release. 

While Ko was answering the host’s questions, a few in the chat started deviating from asking questions, to spamming the chat or asking for different questions, with one attendee asking, “THE QUESTIONS ARE DRY CAN WE DO Q&A QUESTIONS[?]”

Due to some of the comments left in the chats of their recent events, TUCP released a statement on their Instagram against “cyber bullying or harassment in any form” and if taken too far, attendees will be removed from the event. 

Wrapping up the Q&A, Ko ended the night and said, “Shout out Tulane; go drink a hand grenade.”

The Q&A with Cody Ko is one of the many events that TUCP has virtually brought to Tulane this semester, including the previous Phoebe Bridgers performance and the upcoming Jason Derulo concert.

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