Secret Birria gives Uptown a taste of Jalisco

Jaclyn Lebowitz, Contributing Reporter

In the heart of Uptown New Orleans, you may not have noticed the mysterious addition to Mexican cuisine. Secret Birria has been quietly operating since the beginning of November 2020 and is a casual taco spot that captures the essence of Jalisco, Mexico

One would not expect the “secret” part of Secret Birria to be even more mysterious; however, the secrecy is further heightened because the owner has requested to stay anonymous.

The small and tucked away space offers a cozy feel that leads to a relaxed and trendy evening destination where customers are constantly coming back for more tasty meals. This secluded Birria joint is the sister restaurant to Hairy Dog, which is a popular brunch spot in Uptown. 

Secret Birria is open for dinner four days a week from Thursday to Sunday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The food is delivered through a side window, and there is limited outdoor seating on the side of the building for customers to have some fresh air while they enjoy their Birria experience. 

A variety of fresh food and a simple lifestyle greets patrons upon arrival at Secret Birria. This secret hideaway restaurant is well known for its original menu, which focuses on offering a variety of options serving birria de res tacos, birria ramen and birriaritos. 

The flavors of the birria is representative of the traditional birria dish from central coast Mexico and includes a blend of sweet and savory aromatic spices that immediately melt into any meat lover’s mouth. This delicious chile-infused birria beef stew is slowly cooked for over five hours in beef broth and is griddled with cheese before it is served as a taco or burrito with a side bowl of broth for dipping.

One highlight is the “Birriarito”, which is a burrito with rice, beans, pepper sauce, creamy white queso, onion and cilantro and served with the birria dipping sauce. 

For pescatarians, or anyone who enjoys fish, the “Fried Fish Tacos” are a must have. The gulf fish is fried and served with shredded cabbage and a tangy chipotle relish on a flour tortilla. 

The “Birria Ramen” is another specialty and appetizing option that combies the slow-cooked birria and ramen together to bring the taste of Jalisco, Mexican cuisine to life. 

In addition to the assortment of entrees, unique side dishes help make the meal complete. Sides include queso and cajun cracklins, roasted shishito peppers and rice and beans. 

The Secret Birria’s remarkable flavors have quickly become a before school, after class and weekend go-to. The wait for a casual and hidden Mexican fiesta in New Orleans is over, and it is worth the trip to Octavia Street. Make sure to check out the restaurant’s Instagram, @secretbirrianola, for mouth watering pictures of the unique and delicious cuisine.   

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