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Maiya Tate, Editor-in-Chief

Maryam Tanveer and Oriana Lemons

As a fat girl who wore a mandatory school uniform for all of her life until college, the world of fashion was very much a daunting idea to me. I usually stuck to leggings and T-shirts that my mom bought me — and cute pieces that she occasionally brought home. But, ever since I’ve been able to pick my own wardrobe, I’ve opened my eyes to the stores and companies that not only sell plus-size clothes but advertise them as much as their straight sizes. 

Companies that support their plus-size customers and show clothes on plus-size models are hard to find. Here is a list of some shops that stick to their word in supporting plus-size shoppers, helping them feel beautiful and comfortable. Even if you aren’t plus size yourself, you would be remiss not to support shops that do the bare minimum: making an effort towards actual inclusion.


You may have heard of Torrid — or no doubt seen them in an Instagram ad. Despite the distrust surrounding Instagram ad-based stores, Torrid holds true to their promises. They carry clothes in sizes 10-30, catering specifically to plus-size shoppers. In the words of Good Housekeeping, “reviewers love that the brand caters specifically to curvy women, saying items fit as if [pieces] were designed for their body shape.” 

My favorite part of Torrid is definitely its swimsuits, jeans and intimates — cute pieces that I could never find at a normal store. Torrid’s website is very easy to navigate, but there’s also a Torrid storefront in the Elmwood Shopping Center in Kenner, Louisiana.


Rue21 has a wide selection of super cute plus-size clothes alongside their straight sizing. It is also one of the only shops that I’ve consistently seen use plus-size models in ad campaigns and carry plus-size clothes in store — which, you’d think, isn’t saying much, but unfortunately it’s saying a lot. I am particularly fond of their graphic tee collection and their pajama and ensemble sets.


Rainbow has been a favorite of mine for a while now. It is my go-to store for colorful and sexy clothes for a night out with friends or a last-minute Mardi Gras fit — I speak from experience. Their sparkly and vibrant clothes and accessories are also incredibly affordable. They have a few storefronts here in New Orleans and an extensive online catalog. 

Forever 21

I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. Forever 21 has been a consistently reliable spot for me to get a cute outfit. Its plus-size collection is admirable, and, unlike some stores whose plus-size collections are online only, Forever 21 has a sizable in-store collection at their storefront in Metairie, Louisiana. I pine over their jacket and dress collection and wish that they all lived in my closet.

SavagexFenty and Adore Me

I would be remiss to make a plus size friendly shopping guide without including a store that sells lingerie and intimates. SavagexFenty has carried a wide array of sizes since its conception — why would we expect anything less from Rihanna? Similarly, Adore Me offers a vast range of plus size lingerie and intimates collection. Both companies use plus-size models to show off their products, proving that lingerie is not just limited to straight sizes.

Some honorable mentions include Zeba, Eloquii, Popfit and Loudbodies. While these shops use plus-size models and have an enviable collection of styles to pick from, they aren’t very budget-friendly. 

I hope that even if you don’t shop for plus-size clothes or go to any of these stores, you start to be more conscious of your go-to shops’ level of size equality and inclusivity.

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