Fashion forecast: the reign of Tiktok

Faith McLean, Staff Writer

Say goodbye to the editorial aristocrats of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, the self-elected leaders of previous generations’ fashion trends. This monarchy has been overthrown by the up-and-coming fashion influencers on TikTok, representing everyday people instead of an elite few. 

However your fashion views lean, we are far from fad anarchy. Although I typically support the individuality of lawless fashion and fully advocate liberation from archaic fashion rules — such as not wearing white after labor day — I’ll admit that I still look to my feeds for inspiration. 

TikTok, with its short time limit on videos and trendy filters, has created a thriving community of fashion influencers, celebrities and everyday people. TikTok gives creators a voice and space to empower fashion rebellion and self-confidence in helping people find their own unique style.

As you put away your worn leather jacket from the many nights of use it gave you this New Orleans winter, check out these trending looks my favorite TikTok creators are rocking this spring.


For those of you who enjoy quirky mix-and-match style, Violet always sports her flair for free-of-rules fashion with bright colors, interesting silhouettes and her own version of layering. 

For this upcoming flower-bound season, Violet styles a layered soft pink lace tank top underneath a vintage striped cardigan and with a simple pink skirt. Considering lace is spring’s leather, it will be an easy and trendy detail to add to any look.



For my people who play Fleetwood Mac on loop and dress in homage to Stevie Nicks, Chase Wise’s New York funky style may be more akin to your Pinterest board’s edgy fashion. 

Although spring in New York City may be less sunny and warm than our New Orleans weather, Wise’s spring lookbook included fun and festive 60s styles you could rock at an upcoming Sunday brunch. She wears a pastel pink mod dress, switching out the white go-go boots for a more modern mid-calf loose pair of boots. 


For those who enjoy more unconventional Harry Styles-esque fashion, Lexson Millington’s videos should be your go-to spring inspiration. I am blessed when his sophisticated use of pattern mixing and color blocking graces my for you page before I head to class.

In his recent OOTD, Millington models himself in an orange linen button-down shirt underneath a baby pink suit with a floral silk scarf and chunky white sunglasses. Having recently started collecting silk scarves, I’m excited for this spring. While this may be a biased prediction, I am truly hoping the 1950’s headscarf trend is coming back into fashion this spring. 


Alissa Wilson has perfected the sensibility and sass to help you spice up your intern office looks. Her outfits are sleek, bold and perfect for a girlboss lifestyle. 

Throw out your coffee-stained navy blue blouse that you’ve been wearing since your interview. Instead, sport an all-white dress suit with matching ankle boots and framed sunglasses like Wilson did in her recent spring fashion video. The iconic monochromatic trend that swept the 2021 runways has not left the building but has been given a corner office and is here to stay!

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