Tal’s Hummus brings impressive, affordable Israeli food Uptown

Aly Buffet, Senior Staff Reporter

Get in loser, we’re getting hummus. 

The hummus craze is alive and well in New Orleans. Popular restaurants such as Shaya, the praised Israeli restaurant from Alon Shaya, have sprung Israeli food into the New Orleans restaurant scene. Tal’s Hummus, which opened on Magazine Street this past May, offers a relaxed, affordable alternative to Shaya. 

Tal’s Hummus’ menu, as the name implies, offers a large selection of hummus flavors – nine to be exact. Ranging from the classic “Tal’s Hummus” to guacamole, Tal’s Hummus leaves any hummus enthusiast pleasantly overwhelmed. The hummus dishes contain a variety of toppings such as asparagus and mushrooms, which make the hummus both visually appetizing and texturally appealing. The hummus, though served cold, is smooth, fresh and flavorful. The spicy tomato hummus, one of the many diner-favorites, contains the spicy kick other typical hummuses often lacks. 

Tal’s Hummus offers so much more than just hummus. The menu provides a variety of Israeli cuisine classics, including various pita sandwiches, falafel, kebabs, salads and traditional platters. The pita sandwiches, meant to capture Israeli street food culture, can come stuffed with fresh vegetables, gluten free falafel, pickles, fries, various meats and, of course, hummus. The pita falafel, albeit a little dry, is filled with flawlessly fried, flavorful falafel balls that melt in your mouth.

The pita, a baked fluffy pocket of warm perfection, complements the fresh hummus and completes the pita sandwiches. Tal’s Hummus offers both white and whole wheat pita, made fresh throughout the day. The show-stopping pita comes as no surprise considering Tal Sharon, an Israeli native and the owner of Tal’s Hummus, was previously a pastry chef at Doris Metropolitan, a popular steak house in the French Quarter.

The menu also offers stuffed pastries called burekas, and Israeli dessert favorites such as Baklava and Malabi. The majority of the menu is vegetable-based and very vegetarian-friendly. However, there are plenty of options for meat eaters to enjoy as well.

The menu is reasonably priced, especially considering the portions are generous. Tal’s Hummus is BYOB, which also helps keep the bill affordable.

The theme of quick, Israeli street food is integrated into the restaurant’s atmosphere. Diners order at the counter and seat themselves in the small restaurant. The restaurant, with long tables and bright accent colors, is comfortable, cozy and vibrant. While the restaurant offers both take out and delivery, the restaurant’s fun and casual atmosphere invites diners to stay.

At this point in the semester, Bruff Commons’ hummus has lost all appeal and summer incomes have vanished, making Shaya only a possibility when parents and their wallets are in town. Luckily, Tal’s Hummus fills this previous void. Tal’s Hummus offers high quality Israeli food in a casual environment at student-friendly prices. Tal’s Hummus is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. 

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