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As a small business owner, you’re probably acutely aware of theneed to control big costs, like rent or inventory. It’s alsoimportant to keep a lid on more mundane costs. Expenses like officesupplies and wireless service can chip away at your profits,too.

Managing expenses for items you use every day – from printerpaper and ink to wireless Internet and mobile phones – doesn’t haveto be difficult. Make it a habit to follow these tips forcontrolling the cost of office supplies and wireless service, andyou’ll be able to put cash back in your pocket every month.

First, consider using a credit card. This not only allows you todefer payments – and keep money in your pocket longer – it alsoadds a layer of protection if your purchase turns out to bedefective or is lost during shipping. If you use a credit card thatoffers you a cash rebate, like SimplyCash from American Express OPEN, youcan even get money back. SimplyCash gives 5 percent cash back foroffice supplies and wireless services and has no annual membershipfee.

Buying office supplies:

* Review your supply bills for the past few months and make alist of the items that you purchase most frequently and use themost. Approach office supply vendors and let them know you want tomake a bulk purchase of these items — and see if they offer bulkdiscounts.

* Where you buy office supplies can make a big difference.Online sellers and wholesale clubs often offer very competitiveprices. Plus, many online sellers will waive shipping fees forlarge orders.

* Order only what office supplies are needed. Post a list in apublic area of your office and have employees jot their needs on itthroughout the month. Ordering this way allows you to be sureyou’re only getting what is really needed, and makes it easier tokeep track of how much you spend on office supplies in a month.

Wireless service

Wireless service has become as essential to conducting businessas computers. If you’ve had the same service for years and notrevisited its terms, or if you use your personal mobile forbusiness use, you might be able to save some money by examining theterms of service. Also, choose a cash rebate card, like SimplyCash that gives you money back onmonthly wireless service.

* If you’ve been with the same plan long enough to be offcontract, comparison shop for better rates and plans – and let yourcurrent carrier know you’re looking. They may offer you a betterplan than your current one in order to keep your business.

* Be aware of the differences in personal and business plans.For example, a personal plan that provides free minutes duringtimes when you won’t be doing business – such as after 9 p.m. or onweekends – may not be right for your business needs. And a planthat charges you to check voicemail or limits your data use couldcause you to wind up with hefty overage charges every month.

* Finally, every cellular carrier provides a feature on yourphone that allows you to track minutes used. Set a reminder foryourself to check your usage every month toward the end of themonth. This way, you’ll know if you are near your limit andpossibly facing overage charges.