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Are you looking for a way to make your graphic design job alittle more “green”? While you usually have no trouble with colors,going green in a career field like graphic design may seem like achallenge. You may be surprised to learn there are a variety ofreally simple things you can do to make your office, and yourdesigns, more eco-friendly.

The first step is to create a sustainable office for yoursustainable graphicdesign projects. By simply taking time to recycle old papers,avoid wasting resources, unplugging unused electronics, and byshutting down your computer at night, you can start to live a more”green” existence. Another easy thing you can do in your office isutilize the sunlight. Try to situate your desk under a window soyou can make use of the natural light. It may even help improveyour mood.

How to add ‘green’ to your graphic designs

While keeping in mind that every client is different, there areways you can implement eco-friendly solutions as a graphicdesigner. Your clients may even start to recommend you fortaking such initiative. On your next campaign try thesesolutions:

* Use e-mails – While postcard campaigns are traditional ways toadvertise, an e-mail campaign can be equally as effective and waymore environmentally friendly.

* Print on recycled paper – If your client insists on printing,try to use recycled paper. In most cases the client won’t even beable to tell the difference, and you can feel good about makingpositive choices. Also, by only printing what you or your clientneeds, you reduce wasting of precious resources.

* Use green printers – A few reputable printing companies areeco-friendly. By using recycled papers and inks made from soy andvegetables, you can create and print designs that are safe for theplanet. Some companies even have sustainable banners for tradeshows and advertisements.

* Utilize the Internet – By putting company catalogs online yousave paper, printing costs and the planet. By using e-couponsinstead of printable coupons, you can reach a new market and savemoney.

* Advertise with “green” – When creating products foradvertising purposes, consider using environmentally consciousones. For example, placing your logo on a reusable tote bagencourages customers to go “green” and use your company.

You can find millions of simple ways to start turning yourgraphicdesign career into a more eco-friendly profession. Take smallsteps, and in a short time you will start to notice a hugedifference.

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