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Autumn is around the corner and for many American teens, thatmeans the start of college. If you’re a freshman, chances areyou’ll be spending at least one year living in a dorm. But dormlife doesn’t have to be all function and no form. You can makethings more comfortable for yourself and your roommates with a fewsimple and inexpensive purchases.

1. Mini refrigerator

Many people assume miniature fridges are expensive, but mostdepartment stores carry budget models at reasonable prices.Another, more eco-friendly option is to check with the localrecycling companies. You’ll be glad to have soda, sandwiches andjunk food handy when you’ve missed the dining hall window.

2. A compact laserjet printer

You don’t need a full-fledged office printer with scanning andfax capability – just something to fire off papers and assignmentswithout breaking the bank on toner. Many laptops and desktops nowcome with printers and small, inexpensive models are widelyavailable. Check for photo-printing capabilities if you think youmay want to use your printer for photos.

3. Satellite Internet

WirelessInternet, now widely available throughout the U.S., providesmany college students with the mobility and flexibility they need.Using your laptop’s USB port, satelliteInternet a high-speed signal – perfect for e-mailing, listeningto music or even watching movies. This is a solution to considerwhen space is at a premium.

4. Coffee-maker

A compact coffee-maker with a built-in filter that you can washdaily is a good investment. Relatively inexpensive, these coffeemakers are available at nearly all home goods stores. Some evencome with single-cup brewing functions and mugs.

5. An all-purpose adjustable lamp

Sometimes your roommate needs to catch some Z’s while you’ve gotto pull an all-nighter. A low wattage desk or bed lamp with aflexible neck provides light. You can get things done from your bedor at your desk without bothering others who are trying tosleep.

6. Plastic storage bins

Keep large, plastic bins under your bed to help maximize space.Use them to store out-of-season clothes or simple odds and endsthat don’t fit elsewhere in the room. Plastic closet organizers arealso a good idea for clothes you don’t want wrinkled and they savea ton of space in an otherwise cramped closet.

7. A large carpet

It’s probably not the first thing you’d think of, but a roomcarpet makes a space feel far less industrial. A decent carpet orrug helps bring color and warmth to a room, and also keeps barefeet off the not-so-spotless floors. If you’re like the majority ofcollege students, you’re not going to take the time to mop everyweek, so it’s also helpful for keeping your digs clean.

Realistically, there are dozens of easy, low-cost ways toeconomize when space is at a premium. If possible, call yourroommate and coordinate who will bring what on moving day so thereare no conflicts. If you plan ahead and play it smart, you’ll beable to make your dorm room a place you don’t mind coming home toat night, and even enjoy living in.

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