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Every day your child has a new “masterpiece” to show you. Andwhile you do see their talent improving each and every day, you’rerunning out of room and magnets to proudly display the art so thateveryone who comes over can admire it and comment on his or herimprovements.

As a parent, it’s probably one of the most difficult decisionsyou have to make on a weekly basis – do I dare throw away mychild’s art project to make room for a new one? You know that ifyou do throw something away, your son or daughter is going to askabout it – sending waves of guilt throughout your body. And youcould continue stuffing the projects under the bed, or piling themup in the closet, but you know that eventually those spaces won’thave room any longer.

Here are some ways you can save yourself from the guilt, and yethang on to your children’s treasures – at least until they’re grownand can keep them in their own house or decide on their own todispose of the projects.

* Create extra art displays. Safely hang the art withArt Show, an easy-to-install cable system that includes mountingbrackets, hanging clips and line. By hanging the art, you can keepit out of the way of your household’s everyday activity. And youcan rotate the work easily to show off the newest projects.

* Keep the art in an easy storage container like the Art Saver.This art portfoliocan hold plenty of projects, protecting them from dust, damage andgetting lost. Plus, your children can turn the container into itsown piece of art, by personalizing it and adding specifics on theschool year, teacher, age and more.

* Create a collage wall in your house and let your childrenrotate their work themselves. Consider painting it a bright color,and then safely hangchildren’s work with Art Tape, which won’t damage delicatesurfaces.

Visit for more art storage anddisplay ideas, so your little one will continue creatingmasterpieces for you to proudly show to the world.

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