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When shopping for birthday gifts, you’re always looking forsomething special that will carry some meaning. So what better wayto accomplish that than by adding an extra touch and personalizingthe gift you’ll be giving?

With many companies offering customizable gifts online, buyingpersonalized birthdaygifts is as easy as it has ever been. With a few clicks andkeystrokes, you not only can give something special, but givesomething unique that bears your recipient’s name or anything elseyou wish to include.

Still need help getting started? Here are a few suggestions fromRedEnvelope, an online store that specializes in unique andpersonalized gifts.

Birthday giftsfor her

* Bathwear. Towels, robes and slippers are all items that remindus of the comforts of home. By having your recipient’s name orinitials embroidered into these items, you’ll make them that muchmore cozy and comfortable.

* Memento box. Everyone has special things they want to keeptrack of, but it can be hard to find a good place to put them. Byadding a personalized message to a memento box, you can providethat special place for your loved one.

* Accessories. Things like purses, compacts and jewelry allaccentuate a woman’s personality. Add an extra special touch bybuying a special lady in your life a purse mirror with her initialsengraved on it, or a necklace with a special message carved intoit.

* Custom calendar. Looking for a gift to remind her about allthe good times you’ve had together? A custom calendar is a greatway to accomplish this, as you can assign your favorite photos toeach month. That way, she’ll also want to keep the calendar aroundafter the year is over.

Birthday giftsfor him

* Monogrammed cufflinks. Cufflinks with his initials on themwill make your husband or your dad feel more important on specialoccasions.

* Personalized sign. Does the man of the house have a particularplace he likes to call his own? Make him feel even more at home bygiving him a sign to hang with a special message for the basementbar or man cave.

* Engraved bottle opener. You could either get him a heavy dutybottle opener with his initials engraved on it for home or one witha special message engraved on it that’s the size of a credit cardand will fit right in his wallet.

* Money clip. These, like pocket watches, are often passed downfrom generation to generation, so one with the family name engravedon it could make for an extra-meaningful gift for the man in yourlife.

Remember when you are shopping for birthday gifts that yourloved one will appreciate whatever you give him or her — becauseit’s from you — so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.Personalization is just another way for you to make your gift funand memorable for both the giver and receiver.

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