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It’s no secret that recent economic troubles have causedsomething of a “buyer’s market” when it comes to real estate in theU.S. With more than 27,000,000 homes for sale as of May 2010, househunting can be an overwhelming proposition.

Tirelessly viewing home after home, worrying about carryingcosts and future repairs, and trying to learn the ins and outs of aparticular market are just a few issues home buyers may encounter.Despite the hurdles, looking for a new home can be a fun process.Follow these simple tips to take the headache and confusion out ofyour house-hunting endeavor:

Tip: Work with a real estate agent

Certified Realtors are invaluable when looking for a new home.They know the area, are familiar with what’s on the market and canhelp home-buying novices avoid common pitfalls. If you’re huntingin a relatively competitive housing market, a real estate agent isuseful for brokering deals and helping you come up with areasonable offer. Though typical agents charge an average of 6percent of the home’s selling price, some charge less for simpleconsulting. Often, home sellers will pay both fees as an incentiveto get their properties sold.

Tip: Always take a checklist

With so many specifications – like the number of bathrooms, gasvs. electric and square footage requirements – it’s easy to forgetwhat’s important to you when you actually enter a new home. Theeasiest way to relieve this stress is to make a checklist with allyour conditions and take it with you as you house hunt. Print yourlist so you’ll have an instant, tangible comparison sheet in yourhands when your search is complete. This step may seem unnecessary,but will come in handy when you’re trying to recall the first ofdozens of homes you visit.

Tip: Utilize online resources

In the last 10 years, hundreds of sites have popped up thataggregate real estate data. Using these sites can help you findhomes in your area that meet your price, space and locationrequests. You can even set up appointments to visit homes. Anothertechnological advancement to utilize is high-speed wireless Internet, which isavailable in select locations through the 4Gnetwork. Take your laptop with you on long days spent viewinghomes, then use your mobile Internet to compare what you’ve seenwith what you previously found online. You might even find otherhomes in the area that you’d like to visit while you’re perusingthe real-estate search engines.

Tip: Get comfortable

Though it may seem obvious, many people neglect to wearcomfortable shoes and clothing when out looking for homes. Daysspent on the search can be long and tiring, so be sure to schedulesome time for snacks and discussions about what you’ve seen. If youhave children, arranging childcare for them rather than taking themwith you is advisable. It’s often difficult to stay focused on theproperty at hand when you’re worried about the safety andwhereabouts of your child. Being prepared will ensure that yourhouse-hunting experience is fruitful rather than simplyexhausting.

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