Sony pilots Tulane professor for television show

Robert Marchini, Staff Reporter

James Carville, world-famous strategist behind Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential run and a professor of practice at Tulane, recently filmed a pilot episode of “Carville’s Court,” a legal arbitration-style television program.

The pilot is similar to the “Judge Judy”-style televisions shows and is set in a reality courtroom in New Orleans. The pilot includes Carville delivering life advice in his characteristic no-nonsense style to those who enter his courtroom.

Sony Pictures Television produced the pilot episode, but executives there decided not to air the show at this time.

POLITICO first discovered the existence of the pilot episode when it reviewed emails from the 2014 hack of Sony’s computer systems. In the emails, Sony executives discuss their enthusiasm for the show and Carville’s style, and how much Carville enjoyed filming the pilot. The executives, however, go on to say that they currently cannot make the show work financially, despite the enthusiasm of everyone involved.

“We believe any show starring James Carville would be engaging and entertaining and one that we would love to see in the fall lineup,” Executive Director of Public Relations Michael Strecker said.

Sophomore Rahul Polu said that he would like to see the program show.

“I went to a lecture of his, and he is really funny and theatrical,” Polu said. “I would watch it.” 

Sony Pictures Television offices and Carville’s office did not respond for requests for comment.

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