USG Vice President for Student Organizations Platform

Sophomore Michael Schwartz

Whether you’re here for crawfish at Crawfest, trivia nights with [Tulane University Campus Programming] or service opportunities with [Community Action Council of Tulane University Students], student organizations support and shape the journey of every undergraduate. These organizations help to broaden our horizons while learning from the passions of our peers. Student organizations are the catalysts for change and the key to strengthening the co-curricular experience.

The students behind these organizations put in thousands of hours to missions that are larger than themselves. It is vital that we commit to providing our student leaders with leadership trainings, access to campus resources and channels for open and constant communication. We owe it to ourselves to make it easier for every organization to fulfil their mission by creating spaces that minimize inefficiencies and centralize resources. Let’s build off of last year’s momentum with OrgSync by continuing to increase its utility while decreasing the prevalence of paper forms.

Your student organizations are too incredible, too innovative and too important to provide them with anything less than the best. We need to build new platforms to showcase and celebrate student organizations of all structures, sizes and missions. Whether you’ve hit a roadblock at a meeting or you’re gearing up for your launch party, you should feel supported and celebrated by the Undergraduate Student Government.

If given the honor of serving as your Vice President for Student Organizations, you have my commitment that I will spend the next year ensuring that every organization has the tools and resources necessary to grow, create and thrive.