Voodoo Interview: The Tontons react to critical praise

Magda Jurczuk, Staff Reporter

The Tontons are a four-member group from Houston, Texas that formed in 2007. They have since received much praise from several news outlets, including being named “Best New Act” in 2008 and “Best Local Recording” in 2014 at the Houston Press Music Awards.

The Arcade: Can you tell me about how you all came together as a group?

Tontons: We all pretty much met in high school. Tom and Adam were already playing music together and we met Asli and it just kind of happened organically. I don’t know why we really wanted to start a band, but we did.

The Arcade: How would you describe your genre?

Tontons: It’s a bit of everything. We have a really hard time describing it and so does everyone else. We sound like a little bit of this and that but not enough of anything to really classify us. We’ve got some sounds that are really rocking and some that are more chill…it’s hard to describe.

The Arcade: Who are your major influences?

Tontons: Korn and Paul McCartney, those are the main two.

The Arcade: What is your group about? Do you have a main theme?

Tontons: We don’t really think about that. Other groups have a whole concept about themselves but we just play music and it’s really simple.

The Arcade: Do your lyrics center on a main idea?

Tontons: Our last album had a lot about touring life and relationships with people while being on tour. We’re not home very often so that’s kind of weird but I think we’ve gotten used to it more. We’ve been doing it two or three years now. It kind of feels like we’re stuck in a time capsule in that van.

The Arcade: How do you feel about praise like “best new act” or “best group from Houston”?

Tontons: I think it’s cool. We’re always so busy so it’s hard to really soak it in or anything. I don’t think it’s true. We have tons of friends in Houston that play music and they’re really good. I mean how much of an ego would we need to have if we really thought that?

The Arcade: What’s keeping you so busy?

Tontons: We just finished a three-month-long tour around the U.S., we also went to Canada.

The Arcade: What’s your favorite venue to play at in New Orleans?

Tontons: One Eyed Jacks.

The Arcade: What do you like most about New Orleans?

Tontons: I like people watching; there’s a lot of interesting characters here. And especially here at Voodoo with all the costumes.