Staff Editorial: Yulman brings school spirit back to campus life

Tulane’s 35-20 win against Southeastern Louisiana Saturday at Yulman Stadium brought Tulane spirit to a high. The first football win on campus in 40 years presented a symbolically fresh start to a program that has recently become too used to losing.

The win brought a palpable energy back into campus life. Students, alumni and local fans crowded campus to tailgate and share in the previously unfelt camaraderie that often comes with successful athletics programs. Almost 26,400 people attended the game. Many students stood the entire game, cheering their hardest and rallying behind the team. After the win, students enjoyed a shared sense of community and school spirit. 

The university as a whole will benefit from the reputation and spirit that stems from having a stadium on campus, and the buzz will increase the name recognition of our entire athletics program. 

The increased revenue from having a stadium on campus is a large benefit for the university. Stadium concessions and parking revenue will become sources that benefit our athletics department and improve the quality of student life. 

Students have the unique privilege of creating athletic traditions that will live on for generations. Saturday’s win may have only been a win against a small Football Championship Subdivision school, but it marks a new era for Tulane. Hopefully, it will become just one memorable win in a stadium with many successes. 

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