MTV seeks Tulane students for new television series

Mina Kaji, Staff Reporter

MTV is searching for Tulane students to feature in a new television series with the working title “My Greatest Party Story Ever.”

Kristen Chalos, MTV’s manager of talent and casting, said the show is in search of students to tell their most exciting college memories.

“[We are looking for] amazing storytellers to tell their greatest, funniest and most epic college stories of all time.” 

MTV has received around 200 video submissions and chosen to pitch 25. 

“We have not received any submissions from Tulane students directly,” Chalos said. “However, we have received stories from people in the New Orleans area.”

The show will be both a live action and animated series. If a student’s story is chosen, he or she will be flown out to one of MTV’s studios in either New York or Los Angeles. The story will then be recorded, animated, and the storyteller’s video would be intercut with the animation. 

“The format would be very similar to Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History,’” Chalos said.

MTV is producing the show in conjunction with the cast featured on MTV’s 2010 documentary series, “The Buried Life.” The series featured four men attempting to complete a list of 100 things they wanted to accomplish before they died. The series aired for two seasons. 

“The Buried Life” cast first pitched the idea for the show to MTV six months ago.

“We loved the pitch right off the bat,” Chalos said. “’The Buried Life’ was very successful back then, so we were more than happy to work with them.”

The core demographic for the new series are storytellers that are 16 to 25 years of age, but MTV is primarily interested in hearing great stories, regardless of subject matter. 

“We’re not limited to party stories,” Chalos said. “We want to hear stories about any milestone a college student might experience.”

Chalos is eager to hear from Tulane students because of the uniqueness of New Orleans. 

“We really love featuring stories that are set in places that are naturally cool to see,” Chalos said. “New Orleans is a city that we could easily see animated. With other parts of the country, visuals are not as easy to imagine.”

Some Tulane students believe that their peers will submit stories.

“There will always be people willing to share their stories on MTV because it seems cool,” freshman Hayley Corell said. “I think Tulane students will be excited at the fact that there is a possibility they could receive some recognition from it.”

Tulane has been featured on MTV in the past. In 2012, “Savage U,” a talk show series, featured students at Tulane during an open question and answer session.

Additionally, the first episode of MTV’s “Room Raiders” was filmed at Tulane in 2004 with the aid of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Submissions may be in the form of a two-minute video or a typed story with a photo. Students can find the official casting call on MTV’s website.  

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