Letter from the Editor: Continuing to fight for representation and accessible content


Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

Sanjali De Silva, Editor-in-Chief

This issue marks the beginning of the 115th volume of The Tulane Hullabaloo. We have reported through world wars and civil rights movements. And today we report through lasting racial injustice, devastating climate change and growing income inequality across the country. I am writing to you today from the basement of the Lavin-Bernick Center as the 2019-20 Editor-in-Chief — proud and determined. This year I pledge to bring new levels of accountability, reach more readers and cover more diverse topics. 

I started my career with The Hullabaloo during the week-long Summer Journalism Experience program before my freshman year. It only took a week for me to fall in love with The Hullabaloo — the staff, their work and their dedication to journalism. That fall, I joined as a general associate and writer, gaining invaluable skills in reporting and learning the ins and outs of the campus. 

In the spring of my freshman year I was hired as the news editor. This made me one of the few people of color to have ever held this position — a responsibility I did not take lightly. During my time in this position I made it my mission to reach more readers than ever before, make our coverage more diverse and our news more accessible. 

As news editor I saw the digital potential we could tap into using our social media platforms. This past year I served as the digital director, using our digital platforms to reach more students and create innovative social media content. 

I was elected to this position on a platform that pushes for more representative content, more engagement with our readership and a business model that will ensure we will be around for years to come. 

Representative content flows directly from having a diverse staff. For this reason we will have an enhanced Semester Journalism Experience program, recruit more heavily from different areas on campus, go on a staff bonding retreat and hold monthly “State of the Hullabaloo” meetings.

We will develop a subscription program and alumni booster club to ensure we are also reaching our readership that may not be on campus. This will also bring in an important source of revenue that will ensure we are staying ahead of the fiscal challenges facing student journalism. 

This year, I will use all of my skills to lead The Hullabaloo to its greatest potential. This process began last spring when a group of the smartest, most driven and talented students were chosen to be a part of this year’s managing board. I am thrilled to be leading The Hullabaloo staff alongside Colin Threlkeld as managing editor, Lauren Duncan as chief copy editor, Cam Lutz as digital director, Ashley Chen as production manager, Brett Franklin as senior business manager and Julia Ferro as personnel director. Together, we hired 31 board members we know will lead their sections with poise and integrity. And I urge all students to come to our office (LBC G06), contribute to our work and help us to be the voice of all students. 

We will publish 13 print issues, supplemented by daily online content. As the leader of The Hullabaloo, I promise our staff will bring you factual and bold coverage, raising the voices of marginalized students and holding those in power accountable.

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