The Hullabaloo’s punny playlist will elevate your Tulane spirit game

Olivia Henderson, Sports Editor

Yacob Arroyo | Staff Artist

Have you ever wanted a playlist that matches your enthusiasm for the Green Wave? If so, today is your lucky day! The latest vaguely athletics-adjacent article put forward by the Sports section of The Hullabaloo gives you the chance to upgrade your Spotify go-to’s with some songs that are as green as Gumby’s non-existent nose and as blue as a freshman during their first finals. 

Embedded in the link below, you will find songs with blue or green in the title (“Green Light” by Lorde), artists with green or blue in their name (Green Day) and albums with green or blue in the title (Weezer’s “The Green Album”). 

While some of these songs are perfect tailgating tunes for football’s upcoming game against Missouri State, others will console you after the team’s tough loss to Auburn. Either way, they will certainly fit your Tulane mood let the good times roll wave! 

Be sure to comment your favorites and suggest other songs below!

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