King me as I am

Wilfred Wright

This poem is part of the Black Artist Spotlight for the Tulane Hullabaloo’s Black History Month edition. It is written by Wilfred Wright. 

Look at me I am here 

You see black and there’s instant fear 

Welcome to the world you say 

But that truly means you cannot stay 

I am naive to the words you choose 

Mistake them for kindness and at the end I lose 

This is how it usually starts and ends

But here are some words I recommend 

Listen to what I have to say 

Attention is what you have to pay 

I was BORN to be a winner

Not portrayed as a sinner 

The color of my skin does not define my actions 

It simply shows, my best distinctions 

Born, amazing, and partially free 

My ancestors had made that possible for me 

Breaking chains that hold most back 

I understand why you might have a heart attack 

Standing tall and brave with that attitude that you hate so much 

You could look at my glory,  but you canNOT touch 

I am a part of royalty 

You CANnot destroy me 

Treat me as a KING 

That’s what I am supposed to be 

Looking at me foolish asking 

Where’s your crown

Since you don’t see it you think I’m weak 

I wear it 24/7, 7 DAYS a week 

You can’t see 

Because only the purest of the purest can see

That my crown isn’t materialistic 

It is from the soul within me 

The crown that’s bestowed on my head 

Is the miniature curls 

Fixated into waves 

I don’t need a thrown 

My ancestors provided me with my own 

The foundation of my future

All coming together in fusion

Providing an amazing cushion

Since my ancestors made the roads you cannot pave

Giving tools to people in aid

You made a way to send them to the grave

Not noticing that our ways go back for generations and generations 

My brothers and sisters 

Rise up

Don’t be too generous  let them know what’s up 

Look at yourself 

Notice your glory 

Write your own story 

Education is one thing we don’t mess up 

That’s why you kept us away 

From learning day to day 

When we protest black lives matter 

You let the words 

Here they go again escapes your lips 

Want us to learn about Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee 

What about when our people were set free 

So I hope you know that 

Soon enough you’re going to have to pay

It’s about time you get with the program 


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