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Mary Kilpatrick

Quickly settling into an umbrella-covered table on the PJs atWillow Street porch with a cup of coffee, Senior Clare Austin-Smithglances down at her phone. Giggling with a dimpled grin, she turnsthe device around to reveal a small grey kitten.

“Sorry, my friend just got a cat, see?” Austin-Smith said. “Wedon’t know what to name her, yet. Isn’t she adorable?”

Austin-Smith’s down-to-earth demeanor mirrors that of thegrassroots student safety group she founded, “It’s Not Enough,”along with juniors Eliza Arnold, Lula Fotis and Elena Pueraro inDecember.

The group, whose focus is improving safety on the streetsimmediately off-campus, has circulated an online petition directedat the Tulane administration that has collected 1,260 signatures asof Jan. 26.

This petition requests an additional police presence off-campusafter dark in the form of car, bike and foot patrols. It also callsfor more open communication between Tulane University PoliceDepartment and the student community about university-area crimesand a focus on student safety rather than under-aged drinking.

The group has also circulated a two-minute video directed atPresident Scott Cowen detailing student frustration with off-campuscrime.

The girls said they came up with the “It’s Not Enough” movementin September.

“We saw police handing out [Minors in Possession Citations] whenthree blocks away, somebody gets raped,” Austin-Smith said. “Wewere just tired of complaining with each other about it, and it wastime to actually do something. So we came up with It’s NotEnough.”

Pueraro, who slips into the seat next to Austin-Smith as shespeaks, leans forward in her chair and gestures enthusiasticallywith her hands, continuing Austin-Smith’s thought.

“Things really didn’t take off until the end of the semesterwhen we produced the video, got the website up and running, and wegot an overwhelming response within like a week,” Pueraro said. “Itwent from three views to around 198 in about a day.”

Arnold said that when the group made the video and petition, itmade the demands intentionally open-ended to allow for explorationof solutions to the safety problem.

Now, however, the group has started a list of concreteconcerns.

“Our No. 1 priority is to increase bike and foot patrols offcampus in areas where crime has been prevalent,” Arnold said. “Wealso want to increase lighting off campus, although we realizethat’s a city thing; that’s not just a Tulane thing.”

It’s Not Enough has partnered with Undergraduate StudentGovernment to help petition the city and the administration toimprove the lighting off campus.

“We’ve had meetings with Clare and members of [It’s NotEnough],” USG President Evan Nicoll said. “We want to have onevoice on this thing. As the undergraduate student government, it’sour job to represent the students, and that’s what we’re trying todo.”

TUPD Superintendent Jon Barnwell said that he has seen the It’sNot Enough video and understands the group’s concerns.

“The reason why I can empathize [with students] is that you haveto take into consideration what the students are being bombardedwith,” Barnwell said. “They see the crime alerts almost realtime.”

Barnwell said he hopes to create a dialogue with the studentbody to help find immediate solutions to the crime problem.

“What I want our student body to understand is that we are herefor them, and it’s not an us-against-them thing – that we need toget to know each other on a first name basis and be able to helpeach other out,” Barnwell said. “That’s one of the things you’regoing to get from me. I understand your concerns about safety, andI understand that you may feel that we’re not doing enough, butwhat do you think we can do? That’s the next step.”