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Zach Yanowitz

It’s no secret that so-called “nerd culture” has rapidlyinfiltrated the mainstream. Video games have become one of the mostprofitable entertainment industries, and superhero movies areperennially gigantic studio moneymakers. This is perhaps a signthat there’s a pasty-skinned Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast inall of us. Give as many wedgies as you want to the dweeby kid inthe glasses and Superman t-shirt, but don’t pretend like you’re notcounting down the days until “The Dark Knight Rises” hits theaterstoo. There’s also probably a chance you’ve heard of the annual SanDiego Comic Con, a massive convention held every year celebratingand promoting the biggest names in movies, television, gaming,comics and other such segments of the zeitgeist.

The New Orleans Comic Con will take place this weekend at theErnest N. Morial Convention Center. Though it may not boast thestaggering scope of the San Diego convention, Wizard World – thecompany behind the shindig – has done a great job bringing somestellar guests to the event. Standouts include William Shatner – ofthe USS Enterprise and “$H*! My Dad Says” fame – and Stan Lee,comic book deity and creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk,Iron Man, Thor and The Fantastic Four – the list goes on. Otherguests include Adam Baldwin of Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi show”Firefly,” James Marsters from “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” andAcademy Award Nominee Mary McDonnell, best known to nerds forplaying President Laura Roslin on “Battlestar Galactica.” Theperpetually grumpy and vengeance-seeking cast of “The BoondockSaints” and Lou “Walk Away Into The Sunset In Slow Motion” Ferrignowill make appearances as well. Anyone else? How about Peter Mayhew.Who’s that, you ask? Chewbacca, that’s who.

In addition to various thespians, guests will include comicindustry professionals, among whom number the legendary GeorgeP?©rez and Lafayette-based Rob Guillory, Eisner Award-winning artistfor “Chew.

Comic Con is a great way to embrace your nerdy side and immerseyourself in pop culture, meet some famous people, and at the veryleast, post awkward pictures of your friends posing uncomfortablywith Princess Leia impersonators on Facebook.