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Alle Ehrhardt

Tulane updated The Lavin-Bernick Center with floor renovationsand conference room technological advancements, such as LCDprojectors, brand new screens and up-to-date sound systems lastsummer.

The university will make more improvements as the budgetallows.

Unlike buildings such as Reily Recreation Center, the LBC doesnot receive extra funding from student fees.

The university installed new floors in portions of the gardenlevel. The new flooring consists of high-grade carpeting foraesthetic and cleaning purposes. The garden floor, the bathroomshave all been repainted and retiled.

Conference rooms on the second floor have also been renovatedwith new projectors, projector screens, sound systems and podiumcontrols. Students can access a Blu-Ray player, play music fromtheir iPod, or use a touch-screen podium in Stibbs Room 203,McKeever Room 210 and Kendall-Cram 213. Additional conference roomswill be renovated later, Associate Director of Facilities MollyWard said.

“We want our students to know that we are making improvements,”Ward said. “We want our building to be the best it can be.”

Ward had the help of senior Darla Landry, an event servicesmanager, during the construction.

“I’ve worked at the LBC since freshman year, so I know that newtechnology and equipment take time to learn,” Landry said. “It’salways nice to see things like flooring, carpeting, or furnituregetting re-vamped, but dealing with new AV equipment can be alove-hate relationship.”

Landry and the other event services managers are required toattend trainings for the AV equipment. Event services managers haveto handle AV issues and ensure the equipment is ready on-time.

Some Tulane students have taken little notice of theimprovements. Junior Elliot Ward-Bowen saw the carpeting job doneon the garden level floor but did not see any other of theimprovements.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” Ward-Bowen said.

All organizations with offices in the LBC garden level wererequired to box-up their contents and move them until flooring wasredone, but students not involved in organizations with gardenlevel offices are still aware of the improvements. Sophomore JaclynBergeron has worked in the LBC’s conference rooms.

“[The conference rooms] having projectors and display systemswill make them much more useful,” Bergeron said.


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