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It might seem to a lot of tech-hungry Americans who live inrural areas that advancements in technology are slow to reach them.This is evidenced by the fact that cable television providers seemto be crawling at a snail’s pace to supply service to remote areas.And the construction of cell towers is running at about the samespeed.

The good news is that this trend seems to be slowly changingthanks to some high-speed satellite Internet providers like thosefound at, which allowcomputer users living in rural America to experience Internetspeeds that can be up to 30 times faster than previous dial-uptechnology.

So, let’s assume you’re a computer user looking for high-speedInternet in Colorado or another rural area. Imagine being ableto use your computer to do the following things:

1. Get your degree. That’s right, with high-speed satelliteInternet you can access some great online education opportunitiesthat are offered from accredited e-learning institutions or evenyour own state’s universities and colleges. And the process will betime-efficient thanks to satellite technology. Living in a remotearea definitely has its advantages, but some might consider it adisadvantage to not be able to start or continue an advancededucation. With faster computing speeds you can change that andtake control of your destiny (or just your personal interests)while still reaping the rewards of a rural lifestyle.

2. Download music. With the economy being the way it is thesedays, it can get costly to buy complete CDs when you really onlywant one or two songs from each one. Not to mention having to payshipping costs since you’re most likely ordering those CDs from anonline resource. Want a cost-effective solution? Download the songsyou like right from your home computer, create your own playlists,and only pay for the songs you want. How’s that for not spendingunnecessary money? And with satellite Internet speeds that areblazing fast compared to sluggish dial-up technology, you’ll besaving time, too.

3. Have separate e-mail addresses. Chances are there’s more thanone user in your household who would like to have a private e-mailaddress. Or maybe you run a business from your home and want tohave a separate e-mail account for that purpose. With high-speedsatellite Internet providers like WildBlue you can have up to 10e-mail addresses at the same time, which provides a pretty niftyway to manage a busy household from one central location. Andremember, all this is done at speeds faster than previous dial-uptechnology, which means each of those users will be online andoffline a whole lot faster than they were before.

4. Save on landline phone costs. Sure, most rural residents musthave a landline since cell phone access is not available to themand emergencies do arise. But a lot of users need (or choose tohave) an extra landline for their dial-up computer use. Withhigh-speed satellite Internet service that is now reaching theseremote areas, an added landline (and its associated cost) can beeliminated.

5. Experience more consistent availability. In the past whenyour landline phone would lose service due to downed wires it meantyou lost your dial-up connection as well. With satellite Internetservice, those disruptive and frustrating dial-up inconveniencesare a thing of the past.

Satellite Internet connectivity is now available virtuallyanywhere in the United States, regardless of terrain or degree ofremoteness, thanks to providers like WildBlue who have recognizedthe importance of bringing technology to everyone – even thoseliving in the most mountainous or barren locations.