Airing of Grievances: Bruff Remodel

Dear Bruff,

It’s time to talk. First of all, I see what’s going on and I’m not falling for it. You got a new look, and I’ll be honest — I was impressed when I first saw it. A new paint job, a little more natural light, even a new layout that, I’ll be honest, makes more sense than the last. You drew me in and I started to think that maybe we could repair the broken relationship we’ve had in the past. The menu items that always sound better than they taste, plates with mysterious leftovers dried to the edges and the overall sense of morbidity walking through the door could be left in the rearview mirror. In all honesty, Bruff, I trusted you to change. I walked in on my first weekend back and gave you a chance to wow me. But what did you do? You delivered the same old breakfast and the usual post-meal stomachache. You let me down.

Speaking of letdowns, let’s discuss seating, shall we? I’ve been forgiving; I’ve given you second chances, I’ve even brought my friends to visit you. And how have we been treated? Like savages  like you didn’t even care that we were hungry and tired and in need of a little love and support. We were forced to search for a spot for 10 minutes, unable to sit at the counters we used to rely on. You don’t get to have this control in our lives, and I know you can’t fit as many people as before  do yourself a favor and drop the act.

So as much as I wish things were different, I’m leaving you. I’ve changed my meal plan, and I’m using my swipes for, sorry to say this, Bruff to Go. Cold turkey sandwiches and cups of Coke Zero. Just look at what I’m resorting to.  

I used to believe in you. I used to tell my friends, “Don’t go to the LBC! Save your money, save your time! Let’s give Bruff a try!” One-by-one they left you, and now it’s time for me to do the same thing. 

So thanks for nothing, Bruff. Your remodel was an empty promise, and while I thought you’d realize that what’s happening in the kitchen is more important than what’s on the walls, you’re exactly the same as you always have been.