Mulaney sets sights on Civic Theatre stage

Mulaney sets sights on Civic Theatre stage

Tyler Mead, Associate Arcade Editor

There’s a tall child coming Friday to the Civic Theatre, and no, it’s not going to be terrifying.

Comedian John Mulaney will be taking his brilliance to New Orleans this week in what can only be a hilarious show. Mulaney has dominated the standup scene in recent years with his exceptionally smart jokes matched with an impressive mix of straight face and outbursts of hyperbolic emotion.

Widely known for his Netflix special, “New in Town,” Mulaney delights audiences with his range of unusual topics. Usually, his performances rely on sharing bewildering personal stories with a very businesslike demeanor. While the mix sounds like a parent attempting to be hip, Mulaney balances his professionalism well with his own bouts of silliness.

Audiences can expect a good amount of self-deprecation, so it’s perfect for those who just need to be told someone else has it way, way worse. In fact, Mulaney’s own self-titled show was just recently cancelled, so expect plenty of network-based jabs.

Mulaney outshines his show by a huge margin. Despite a genuinely awful TV endeavor, the comedic dynamo will not slow down easily. His brilliance beyond outshines his show and should not be taken as an indication of what he’s really capable of.

Any comedy buff would die to see Mulaney live, as would anyone who genuinely enjoys laughter. The venue is currently filled, but dedication on Ticketmaster can be fruitful.