‘Euphoria’-famed fever dream life, clothes are no dream during Mardi Gras

Faith McLean, Staff Columnist

Dare I say, HBO’s coincidental timing for its season two drop of the popular show, just a month before parades begin rolling again, is going to be the most-pinned aesthetic on everybody’s Mardi Gras mood board.

If everyone is going to be combing through Dolls Kill for “Euphoria”-inspired fits for Mardi Gras, how are you going to stand out?

Well, here are a few ideas to stay on this Euphoric theme by adding your own jaw-dropping, episode-ending-esque twist. 

Maddy’s black cut-out dress with glove sleeves and tie-up heels.

All hail the queen herself, but might I suggest not pulling a Cassie and having your own take on this New Year’s Eve look. The cut-out trend has even taken over the screens in our living room, and dupes for this exact dress can be found at online stores like Lucy in the Sky and Manière de Voir. However, it’s the sleeves for me. Every year, I always end up shivering in my overpriced sparkle tube top, so this cut-out sleeve look is really speaking to me. I personally would go for a brighter, neon, monochromatic version of this look for Knights of Sparta or a funky, psychedelic pattern dress with cut-out sleeves.

Cassie’s Oklahoma, country singer look with her gingham blue mini dress.

Although Cassie may be the antagonist in Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” this look is serving main character energy, not villain vibes. To address the big elephant in the room, she looks like a country music star in a GOOD WAY! For this fit, you can rock a two-piece pastel gingham moment, or a great twist on this look would be to mix the vibe of Maddy’s cut-out New Year’s Eve dress with Cassie’s puffy gingham look for Krewe of Muses

The two-piece copycat look from Maddy and Cassie in the hallway scene. Praying to the Mardi Gras gods this never happens to you.

Two-piece matching sets are stylish and feel put-together, yet are easy to accessorize for a last-minute festival or party wear fit. Maddy and Cassie’s take on this trend, however, has a relaxed, soft, Y2K, monochromatic feel. So, if athleisure is more your style, doing a relaxed, muted set, like the one from the show, will be comfortable and cute with a more laid-back feel for a mid-week parade like Krewe of Nyx. But, for a weekend parade try something with a halter neckline or a high-waisted thong strap detailing.

Faye’s “Sailor Moon”-inspired denim skirt runaway look.

Although the anime 90s “Sailor Moon” halter top is someone’s taste, in my opinion it’s not the highlight of this look. For me, it is the distress pleated mini-denim skirt with the crookedly sewn pocket outside the waistband. This skirt is selling fast, so I have researched backup pieces for you to get this unique denim moment. Sorry to say, you will have to sacrifice the outside sewn pocket look, but there are similar denim skirts instead either with a distressed or bedazzled element to complement the pleats.

Kat’s sheer leopard-print top she slayed during the epic showdown.

Maybe Mardi Gras is not the time to pull out the collared element of this look. However, there’s no doubt that the sheer leopard print element of this look is not on point for Mardi Gras. I think it is everyone’s Tulane right to experience and embody the confidence that comes with wearing a see-through animal print bodysuit on Bourbon Street, while you’re waiting for the Krewe of Endymion’s floats to roll through. True, sheer leopard print bodysuits may be fleeting in style at this point, so it may be best to opt for a different animal print sheer button-down, like a black-and-white Zebra pattern, with a neon cut-out bodysuit or a clashing animal-print bikini underneath.

Don’t do drugs, like Rue — instead find your inner Maddy and don’t call him back. Let yourself experiment with your own personal aesthetic and style this Mardi Gras. We are all here for it and trust me it’ll be in a good way.