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Mayor LaToya Cantrell visits The Boot after sexual assaults


Josh Axelrod, Senior Staff Reporter

September 7, 2019

Mayor LaToya Cantrell visited The Boot Bar & Grill last night following two sexual assaults in the past two weeks that began at the campus bar. She spoke with Boot management to learn more about the incidents before sending out a message of support to the victims, two Loyola students. The assau...

Weatherhead Hall arson incident catches Twitter attention

Weatherhead Hall arson incident catches Twitter attention

Sanjali De Silva

March 23, 2019

Early Saturday morning, a sign on the door of sophomores Peyton Lofton and Jackson Arnold in Weatherhead Hall was set on fire. The fire alarm in the building was activated, the fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported.  Tulane University police have booked Robert 'R.J.' Money, David 'D.J.' Shelton and Naima Okami into jail on allegations of aggravated arson, a crime defined by Louisiana statute as int...

TUPD amends its screening process, sensitivity training following recent incident

TUPD amends its screening process, sensitivity training following recent incident

Kila Moore, News Editor

November 29, 2018

On Thursday, Nov. 15, The Hullabaloo discovered that two of three new police officers hired by Tulane University Police Department had posted content to their personal social media pages that contradicted Tulane’s equity policies. One of the officers, Ethan Hutton, had several posts on his Facebo...

TUPD hires new police chief

TUPD hires new police chief

Deeya Patel, Associate News Editor

November 7, 2018

On Oct. 15, the Tulane University Police Department swore in its new chief of police. Kirk Bouyelas, who has served the New Orleans Police Department for 31 years, will now head a group of more than 80 police officers and a myriad of support services such as Personal Escort and Active Shooter T...

Intersectional Confessional: Today, I wished I was a cat

Intersectional Confessional: Today, I wished I was a cat


October 24, 2018

Adelaide Basco | Art Director Today, I wished I was a cat. I could walk around and know my existence would be appreciated on this campus. No, protected on this campus. I could purr, bat my eyes, and you’d see me as soft and loveable. The idea of someone threatening my existence would enrage you, evoke your deepest sympathies...

CPS vandalized, “Black Lives Matter” signs obstructed

sexual assault

Sanjali De Silva, Senior Staff Reporter

October 16, 2018

A graduate assistant for the Center for Public Service noticed yesterday that “Black Lives Matter” signs put in windows of Program Managers Ben Brubaker and Nicole Ralston’s office had been vandalized from the outside. The word “Black” had been spray painted over with black spray paint on ...

Man allegedly assaults student in Dixon Hall restroom

sexual assault

Campbell Lutz, News Editor

October 7, 2018

A female student reported that she was sexually assaulted in the restroom of Dixon Hall at approximately 5 a.m. this morning, according to a crime alert sent to Tulane students, faculty and staff. The student said she was returning to campus from the direction of Audubon and Zimpel with a group of male ...

TUPD investigation localizes national conversation about campus policing


Josh Axelrod and Sanjali De Silva

April 19, 2018

On the first day of 2016, Janard Brister was choked for five seconds and tasered, while handcuffed, by Tulane University Police Department officers. Higher-ranking TUPD officials agreed this use of force at the Tulane Medical Center on a non-Tulane affiliate was improper and excessive. According to ...

Juul craze finds home at Tulane


Sophia Mariani, Associate News Editor

April 12, 2018

With a quick draw of the breath, smoke begins to billow. Wisps of gray fill the air. The cloud swirls out, drifting, rolling. In an anonymous survey conducted by The Hullabaloo, more than half of respondents admitted to vaping. Though there are many different types of these nicotine delivery syste...

Undue use-of-force shows TUPD’s power must be restricted

Undue use-of-force shows TUPD's power must be restricted

Shea Dobson, Senior Staff Writer

April 11, 2018

Tulane President Michael Fitts recently sent out an email to the student body addressing multiple anonymous complaints made against the Tulane University Police Department which allege the use of unnecessary force by its officers, namely against people not affiliated with the university. As these complaints...

Things TU Know: TUPD Investigation


Josh Axelrod and Sanjali De Silva

April 4, 2018

We know how hard it can be to follow the news, especially when groups use a lot of jargon that requires inside understanding. In an effort to increase accessibility to our coverage, The Hullabaloo is introducing its newest column, Things TU Know, to help keep students informed. Tulane President Mike Fitts ...

Student found dead in on-campus residence hall

Josh Axelrod, News Editor

March 12, 2018

The Hullabaloo will provide further updates as they become available. A Tulane student was found dead Sunday night around 6 p.m. in his residence hall, according to the Tulane University Police Department. The student was identified as freshman Vineet Kallanagowdar. New Orleans Police Departme...